Monday, April 26, 2010

Pots and Pans (BlackStar remix)

just finished up a new track with the rhyme stylingz of BlackStar laid on top. free for download.

Pots and Pans (BlackStar Remix) by Fatty Acid

click HERE to download

Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturn Never Sleeps: Berlin {free download}

my ropeadope brotha King Britt just dropped a new live performance of his group Saturn Never Sleeps for free download. The track is from a performance in Berlin with vocal-madwoman Rucyl and moogman Kaidi Tatham.

I was lucky enough to catch SNS with Ras_G at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn a couple months back. The show was some wacky shit, to say the least. Freeform beats and glitch with Britt literally writing beats on the spot with his MPC. Perhaps a little bit too much to digest in one sitting, but the vibe was there. This download from Berlin manages to scale back the sounds and presents some very interesting ideas and textures.

It's a must-download for those into abstract electronica, hip hop, wonk, and that ill shit.

click HERE to download.

click HERE for more Saturn Never Sleeps

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Broken Haze: straight up dirty dub-glitch

I cannot stop listening to this song, seriously. "Block" by Broken Haze makes me want to drive a chainsaw through a dance floor.
The "chorus" @ 1:06 rips faces apart. It's part of the stellar "Oscillations" series form "Jus Like Music Records & Apple Juice Break".

It's available for free download, just click the link. 20 or so tracks of Dubstep, Grime, HipHop, Glitch-whatever, and all the rest of that stuff.

(Vol. 2 just hit the web a couple days ago, and although I haven't gotten a chance to check it, the lineup is dope.)

<a href="">Block by Jus Like Music Records</a>

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beats Antique

Just came across these folks today, and this song is killing it. A heavy dubstep vibe with overtones of gypsy-folk and tape music. Very eclectic, very dense, very very good.

<a href="">Louie's Lullaby by beats antique</a>

Check em on MySpace HERE