Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Yes, Madame!

here's something new I just put together. I was listening to a lot of that boom bap and wonky stuff and here's what came out. free to download. enjoyz.....

<a href="">Why yes, Madame by Fatty Acid</a>

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For a Minor Reflection - A Moll

a nice ambient video from icelandic group "For a Minor Reflection". some seriously interesting cinematography going on. pick up their debut record HERE.

what is it with icelandic people and super chill music? it just works....ya know?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flying Lotus feat. Thundercat - MmmHmm

this is some trippy sh*t right here!

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Track, New Remix

Got something new for ya, hot off the digital presses.

"Star SixNine" is an exercise in glitch-box experimentation. Pretty much all the sounds are made with my voice and the Korg MS2000. The remix was done by my dude Dead Geoff of Purple Bird Music. If I may say so, Dead Geoff knocked this one out of the park, so I'm reeling him in to do some more collaborations, which we'll get out there as they come.

The original is available for free download, along with other one-offs and remixes, over on the Fatty Acid bandcamp page.

Star SixNine by Fatty Acid

*67 (Star SixNine Remix) Dead Geoff x Fatty Acid by purplebirdmusic

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Princeton Record Exchange

My favorite record store of all time is now doing video updates on their blog when they get new collections in. Just got 2,000 new jazz records, which means most of the old stuff ended up in the dollar bin....score.

I love this video because the guy actually flips through some of the stacks. A digital representation of something that feels totally "analog". A very weird experience.

If you've never been, PREX is a mecca for record junkies and audiophiles looking for rarities and discounts. The trip is worthwhile just to talk to the people that work there. They are on another planet, especially considering their swanky surroundings.

Happy Hunting!
more @

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Let's get one thing straight: I love free music. If a musician decides to give away an album, I'm the first to download it. I am against the RIAA lawsuits that sue people for sharing music. Rather than scaring people into buying music, I advocate a culture in which people actually want to spend money on music, because they understand the positive repercussions it has on the medium of recorded music, and the lives of the artists that produce it. What I hope to do in the following paragraphs is persuade you that not only does paying for music benefit that artist you claim to support, but also benefits you, the listener.

I'm not going to make a legal argument. It may be valid but just isn't relevant in practice. A law is only as effective as the means by which you can enforce it. And, unless something crazy happens in the world of Internet regulation, no one will be able to forcibly stop people from sharing music. After all, if there was no bouncer outside a concert venue, we could expect to see ticket sales plummet just as fast as CD sales. The problem is that many people just don't value music in a meaningful way. What do I mean by that? Well, I understand perfectly well that people value music in the sense that they enjoy it, and love rocking out on their iPod. However, they don't value it in the sense that they will willingly fork over $1 for a song, thus helping the artist who made it continue to produce awesome music. If I'm going to convince you to buy your next record, it's not going to happen by scaring you with abstract arguments about copyright law.

I used to illegally download in high school. I remember when Napster first came out. It was incredible. It was fast, free, and delivered on-demand music; what could be bad about that? I can say, in all honestly, I did not once think about how it could negatively impact a musician, until I saw first-hand what it was doing.

After high school, I went to NYU, hoping to become a recording engineer. At the same time, I began to record my own music, in the hope of someday making a living from it. In an effort to get a grander perspective on the business I longed to enter, I got an internship at an indie record label. There I saw artists, with sizable fan-bases, question whether they could record another album. The demand was there, but the audience was not paying for the product they claimed to love so much. This directly translated to artists not recording albums, plain and simple. Instead, they embarked on relentless tours, leaving little to no time for writing new material and recording it.

During this time I also started to look for work in recording studios. There, I saw an effect of file sharing that was not immediately obvious. Musicians could no longer afford to pay recording engineers (amazing artists in their own right). As music sales continued to decline, studios all over New York City were shutting their doors. And it wasn't just the big time Hit Factory places; small independently run studios were going under as well. It wasn't that they were creating inferior products. It was a direct result of people not paying for music. This led to a decline in the quality of recorded music, at least when talking about independent artists who don't have a 1 million dollar advance to burn through.

As I saw this going on around me, I stopped to think. If I want to be an audio engineer at a studio, how can I download music illegally? It would be utterly hypocritical of me to download an album for nothing, and at the same time hope that someone else would buy one I worked on. I realized that if I wanted things to change, I would have to start by doing it myself. Hands down, the best way to support your favorite artist is financially. Of course, telling your friends about songs and re-tweeting alerts helps, but it does not necessarily enable artists to produce moremusic. At the end of the day, what good is a fan who tells 1,000 friends about your album if none of them actually buy it? Sure, those people might go see the band live, but concerts and recordings have totally different budgets and costs. When you go see a live show, it doesn't make up for the record you ripped off LimeWire. Your ticket price pays the roadies, the sound guys, the tour manager, the gas bills, the van insurance, and maybe, if they're lucky, the band. That form of logic reduces recorded music to a PR Tool, aimed at promoting the sale of tickets and t-shirts. And what does that say for recorded music as a medium? Will recorded music be reduced to the importance of a T-shirt, used to promote a live show? Recorded music provides a listening experience that is unique and rewarding in its own right, and listeners should strive to preserve that. Fans should respect the wishes of the artist. If a musician asks that you pay for an album, you should respect the time and effort that went into its creation, and pay for it.

Perhaps people don't really care about how artists make their living. But there are positive repercussions for the listener. First, I guarantee you, it will make the listening experience more rewarding. You will have a recording whose quality matches what the artist intended. You will listen closer. Just like you would savor the taste of an expensive bottle of wine, you'll savor the sounds of that record you bought. After all, good music is not meant to be "chugged". Buying a record will also make it easier for that artist to produce another one, meaning you get a kick-ass sounding follow-up to that record you just sipped slowly with some cheese and crackers. It is, in essence, a "win/win".

Don't believe me? Try it out. Wait for the release date, like you would a souffle coming from the kitchen. When it arrives, set aside some time to put it on. You can end the listening session with the comforting feeling that you are enabling the artist you love to continue to create beautiful music, that you will be able to tweet about in the very near future.

At the end of the day, it's really a moral argument. Unfortunately in the music world, as with life in general, the moral road is not always the easiest route to take. As Plato said, "[Music] gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." In this sense, it is almost as important as the air we breathe. I urge you to meditate on this. How much does music mean to you? How does it positively affect your life? Hopefully many of you will come to the conclusion that while you may not have a fat bank account, ten dollars for a record you will play 100 times is a damn good deal.

see the article on Huffington Post and

Your comments are more than welcome!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pots and Pans (BlackStar remix)

just finished up a new track with the rhyme stylingz of BlackStar laid on top. free for download.

Pots and Pans (BlackStar Remix) by Fatty Acid

click HERE to download

Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturn Never Sleeps: Berlin {free download}

my ropeadope brotha King Britt just dropped a new live performance of his group Saturn Never Sleeps for free download. The track is from a performance in Berlin with vocal-madwoman Rucyl and moogman Kaidi Tatham.

I was lucky enough to catch SNS with Ras_G at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn a couple months back. The show was some wacky shit, to say the least. Freeform beats and glitch with Britt literally writing beats on the spot with his MPC. Perhaps a little bit too much to digest in one sitting, but the vibe was there. This download from Berlin manages to scale back the sounds and presents some very interesting ideas and textures.

It's a must-download for those into abstract electronica, hip hop, wonk, and that ill shit.

click HERE to download.

click HERE for more Saturn Never Sleeps

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Broken Haze: straight up dirty dub-glitch

I cannot stop listening to this song, seriously. "Block" by Broken Haze makes me want to drive a chainsaw through a dance floor.
The "chorus" @ 1:06 rips faces apart. It's part of the stellar "Oscillations" series form "Jus Like Music Records & Apple Juice Break".

It's available for free download, just click the link. 20 or so tracks of Dubstep, Grime, HipHop, Glitch-whatever, and all the rest of that stuff.

(Vol. 2 just hit the web a couple days ago, and although I haven't gotten a chance to check it, the lineup is dope.)

<a href="">Block by Jus Like Music Records</a>

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beats Antique

Just came across these folks today, and this song is killing it. A heavy dubstep vibe with overtones of gypsy-folk and tape music. Very eclectic, very dense, very very good.

<a href="">Louie's Lullaby by beats antique</a>

Check em on MySpace HERE

Monday, March 22, 2010

free dem bots

new album from Free the Robots, "Ctrl Alt Delete" is coming.......

Free The Robots "Ctrl Alt Delete" Promo Video #1 from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fatty Acid "re:mixes" Available now

boy oh boy. i've been waiting so long to share these tracks with you, and the time has finally arrived! below is a link to my newest EP "re:mixes". 6 fatty-fied tracks of all different kinds, twisted and glitched-out to perfection. the album features new versions of songs by Jamie Foxx, Cougar, Sharon Jones, and more. it's a free download, so pass it on to your bro's who are into that ill shit.

official press release....

Electro-acoustic glitch-rocker Fatty Acid has officially released a new digital EP, re:mixes, available for free downloading.

Not unlike Fatty's self -titled debut (2009, Ropeadope Records), re:mixes succeeds in combining contrasting styles and aesthetics; while the first album was dedicated to defining an original groove, this sophomore release takes six tracks from six different genres and explores them all in seemingly contradictory ways. Free jazz gears into drum and bass, Jamie Foxx turns abstract, Indian pop shifts to wonk-hop, all with that signature Fatty-Acid-sound woven in. re:mixes is, without a doubt, a compilation beyond boundaries.

<a href="">Rhinelander (by Cougar) by Fatty Acid</a>

Friday, February 26, 2010

Warp 2010: New Flying Lotus, Free Gonjasufi

2010 is shaping up to be a big year for electronic all-stars Warp. Just added to the mix is a sampler of their 2010 releases, including tracks from Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Bibio, and Rustie. You can grab the sampler @ independent record stores and online retailers, or stream it via their website, where you can grab a couple tracks for free, including the banger "Ancestors" from Gonjasufi.

As a side note: Flying Lotus will be touring with Thom Yorke this spring in the US, so keep an eye-out for tickets. NYC shows go on sale March 4th.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

singing with the twin

here's a little diddy i've been working acapella rendition of the aphex twin song "4", from the Richard D James album. i'm thinking about doing a lot more acapella versions of crazy electronic tunes, so keep an eye out.

you can download the mp3 by clicking the little downwards arrow on the player. enjoy.

4 (acapella aphex twin cover) by FattyAcid

Thursday, February 18, 2010

my playlist: Mike Slott

so i've had a $25 iTunes giftcard sitting in my wallet since christmas. it's one of those things you just put in and forget about, and then get a pleasant surprise when you're sorting through your receipts. needless to say I cashed it in straight away yesterday when it was found, adding some very good tunes to my library, including the new Four Tet, some FlyLo remixes, and a "micro full-length" from a newbie (at least on my radar), Mike Slott called Lucky 9Teen.

I've seen this dude's name being kicked around on blogs. He did a great remix for Flying Lotus on the L.A. EP 2x3, has done some stuff with Hudson Mohawke under the name "Heralds of Change", and has been sending out podcasts via LowEndTheory.

His sound is rooted in the ambient wonk-hop stylings of Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke (in fact, if you compare Lucky9Teen to Hudmo's "Butter", you can hear them using a lot of the same gear and production techniques). Lucky 9Teen, however, seems much more "together" than Hudson Mohawke's most recent release. The album flows very well start to finish, with a lot of different textures making an appearance.

I'm not exactly sure where he's from, but the pictures on his MySpace page hint at the big NYC, which gives me a mild amount of pride. He seems to be the first NYer that has made a dent on this particular scene, and raises hopes that people will start looking to our lovely city for more of this kind of music.

Wanna check it before you cop it? Say no more.......

download a podcast from Nobody & Mike Slott via lowendtheory

download Mike Slott's "Home" via universoulproductions

or check out the MySpace HERE


download Lucky 9Teen

on iTunes HERE

or...does anyone use eMusic?

Fatty Acid Live

Zach over @ West Egg Productions cut up some footage from my last show @ The Glasslands in Brooklyn. Here's one of the tunes....more to come later

Thursday, February 11, 2010

fatty acid live @ glasslands 2NIGHT

big show tonight over at the glasslands in williamsburg. fatty acid, aka yours truly, along with some dope dope tunes laid down by MIDI-circus-sideshow Elijah B Torn and heady improv rockers Hans Blix. If you missed last month's rockage at the glasslands, here's your one shot at redemption.

The Glasslands
289 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY
L Train To Bedford OR fixed gear bike to Kent Ave

NOTE: This place is SUPER cool, so there's no sign outside. Follow the sounds of hipsters screaming with jubilation.

things get started @ 8. Hope to see you there...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DJ Codiac drops Dub Step bombs

boston-based DJ Codiac put together a nice blend of dubstep wax, made available for free download via

You can download the whole-shebang right over HERE

Once you've got the tunes pumping, head over HERE to check out the interview, discussing gear, new music, and the future of electronic music in Bean Town.

Here's what you can expect from the mix:

Codiac - Rock tha Time Patrol Mix
01 Darkstar - Aidy's Girl Is a Computer
02 Brackles - Lizards
03 Mahanee - Bust a Shot [Von D remix]
04 I.T. - Tipsy
05 Jakes - Rock tha Bells
06 2562 - Third Wave
07 Burial & Four Tet - Wolf Cub
08 Sa Bat' Machines - No Money
09 Skream - Trapped In a Dark Bubble
10 Joker & Ginz - Purple City
11 TRG - Missed Calls
12 Benga - On the Edge
13 2562 - Techno Dread
14 Tilt - One Mile Deep
15 Taz Buckfaster - Kingston Bridge
16 Joker & Ginz - Stash
17 Kode9 & Spaceape - Time Patrol
18 N-Type - Envy
19 Shortstuff - Stuff
20 Aardvark - 1
21 Untold - Stop What You're Doing [James Blake remix]
22 Ruckspin, Planas & DLR - Heart Murmur
23 Scuba - A Mutual Antipathy [Martyn remix]
24 Four Tet - Our Bells

Friday, February 5, 2010

hudmo + rustie mixes too

while you're grabbing that ill Ras G mix, why not grab the Hudson Mohawke and Rustie mixes as well, both from BTS. Fuck it, it's free and it bangs like hell.

HudMo Mix HERE

Rustie mix HERE

Ras G Radio Mix

via Brainfeeder:

This might be one of my favorite brainfeeder podcasts yet....Ras_G did an exclusive mix for BTS radio, spinning FlyLo, Samiyam, TokiMonsta and more.

Click HERE to visit the page where you can download for free.


Friday, January 29, 2010

and now ladies and gentlemen....the biggest waste of time AND money....EVER!

LIVE hip hop: araabMUZIK

it's no longer enough for dj's to just mix the one's and two's. these days, cats are going to the next level with their gear. anyone who goes up on stage with an ipod is just plain lazy (sorry but that's just the way it is). with the evolution of MIDI controllers and performance software, new kinds of live music are coming to the stage that are a direct result of technology moving forward.

for such a long time, i wrote off the idea of live hip hop because to me, it wasn't really live. some dj spinning a record and scratching a wicky wicky every once in a while just doesn't do it for me. the roots were doing their thing, but i wanted more.....

recently i've been seeing live hip hop in a new light. seeing performances by Flying Lotus and Saturn Never Sleeps (King Britt + Ras_G edition) showed me there are some dudes who can construct this stuff on the spot.

this guy, araabMUZIK handles the mpc better than anyone i've seen. imagine this dude with an MC? now that's live hip hop.

araabMUZIK Live MPC Set Part 1 from Death by Electric Shock on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new featured artist: mndsgn

on your right, you'll see a music player labeled "featured artist". this is something i started adding to the page once i saw how great the embedable player on was.

this week we've got a dude by the name of mndsgn. met this dude at a show last week when his buddy knxwledge was closing out the night. some real good chill out hip hop with a little bit of that lo-fi l.a. sound to it.

check out the rest of the crew HERE, @ klipmode


<a href="">hellogalaxy(intro) by mndsgn</a>

Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Music: Purple Bird Music

this one comes straight from my man DeadGeoff, resident beat-mangler at Purple Bird Music:

The indie label has just put out 4 fresh EP's worth of original glitchy hip hop for free download. With over 1500 downloads and counting, the tracks are making it around to say the least. As with any good delivery to your door, there's a couple strains to choose from. The 1st is "Natural Ingredients". Serious High-Octane hip hop with some damn good beats. Then you've got a Dead Geoff and Mister Thumbs collaboration, "The Opposables", with the gem "renoise". It's a crazy genre mashup with some heart felt lyrics from a true gear junkie. This track might be my favorite of the whole lot, with a close second going to Chi'Akai's "Neel". Being an instrumental man myself, I'm listening to Chi'Akai the most, but that doesn't mean the others are lacking. See for youself....

Renoise by purplebirdmusic

We're still waiting on the last of the 4 new ones, coming from Mister Thumbs solo. Expect that to be hitting the sound cloud soon. Until then, rock out to these, and do youself a favor and download them all right over HERE.

Sake Tsunami by purplebirdmusic

Vilify by purplebirdmusic

re-post: Kitchen Diaries

i posted this a whiiiiiile back, but its just so damn amazing, i'm putting it up again. maybe it'll be a biannual post or something.

"The Electro-Funk-Daddy-SuperStar Break"


so i am incredibly pumped about apple's tablet, which they are suppossed to reveal in 2 days. so many possibilities, especially with music oriented apps and new ways to listen to your music. (when you've got an iPod with a 10 inch screen, accelerometers, super fast processor, and built in microphone and speakers, there's a lot to work with)

cruising around the rumor mill lead me to an article about the iPhone's super intuitive user interface and how game changing it really was. that sentiment is proved by this video where a 1 year old boy navigates through his parents iPhone with ease. Can you imagine a Toddler starting up Windows Vista. hehe that would be entertaining. enjoy...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the building blocks of dubstep

a track in 2 hours?

glasslands: one down, one to go

oh man last saturday was a night. a niiiiiiiiiight! me and my dudes, aka fatty acid, played alongside TOKiMONSTA, BREAK SCIENCE, and KNXWLEDGE (tunes on the right) @ the glasslands in brooklyn. and although the sound system was ghetto, and the quarters were tight, the vibe was amongst the best i've experienced in a long time.

TOKiMONSTA sound was so intense. Like all the glasses shattered every time a kick drum hit. so good to see a female making a name for herself in the scene. (i can only really think of one other that's doin it, out of like 1,000) BREAK SCIENCE brought the ILL dubstep and KNXWLEDGE slayed with his lo-fi illadelph beats. we got some video and a lot of audio from the show, and i'll be throwing that up here as soon as i can.

(break science going in and out of "lightworks")

so...if you missed it, well there's a chance to be redeemed. fatty acid is heading back to glasslands on february 11th, when we'll be rocking the stage with ELIJAH B TORN (8bit lucid-core glitch pop) and the improvisational electro-pop sensation HANS BLIX. we're gunna be putting together some fresh covers and maybe even add another original tune into the mix.

in other, somewhat more embarrassing, news: you can now follow us on twitter @fattyacidmusic. see you there

Friday, January 8, 2010

Free Music from my Favorite Band

Not sure why I didn't post this ages ago...

When electro-headbangers Cougar released their new album Patriot on NinjaTune a few months back, they coupled the release with a free download of a collaboration with Maximo Park singer Paul Smith. Here it is. You can download for free by clicking the link.


<a href="">Digit Cleaver feat. Paul Smith by Cougar</a>