Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mr. Dibiase

great video of L.A. producer Dibiase at his house, making beats.....

The Playlist

Lots of new tunes for free download out there. 2 that have been gracing my iPod a lot.....

First on my list is a dude calling himself "The Charlie Ross Project".

He's a producer/MC from the D.C. area who recorded the project in question in '07, but it didn't see the light of day until now, as a free download. The beats are simple, dilla-like, sample based grooves and the rhymes are intelligent. Literally every song on this EP is quality. My favorite is "Love and Change" where Ross spits the line:

"Homie please believe,
I've got some bangers on my hard drive that need to breathe,
I've seen ya studio fees,
(what?) Dog please,
Bang straight out my crib,
so I can keep my cheese."

That line pretty much sums up where the good hip hop is at these days. Dudes in their basement, cranking out beats and recording vocals on a cheap mic.

download the free EP right HERE

The next is a beatsmith named Devonwho, whose free EP Waves has been steadily felting my mace the past few days. Its instrumental glitch-hop with the L.A. sound. Its wacky, weird, and noisy.

download it right HERE

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Free Music: Jash

Was cruising around facebook when I saw a link to this dude's page on Tokimonsta's comments. His most recent mixtape has some real nice space-glitch, and its available for free download through his bandcamp page (which is quickly become my new favorite place to listen to music on the web)

you can listen and download through the player below

check it....

<a href="http://jash.bandcamp.com/album/autumn-fare-mixtape">Dont Call It Lights Out by jash</a>