Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moldover Releases Album on Circuit Board

Ex-Brooklynite Music Masher "Moldover" is finally releasing his album of original music. As some of ya'll know, Moldover is known for his customized MIDI controllers and Circuit-bent noise makers. He's taken that idea one step further with the packaging for his new album.

take a look and see for yourself....

head over to www.moldover.com to stream the new album.

R.I.P. N.I.N.

After 20 years of giving you nightmares, Nine Inch Nails is calling it quits.

The band's leader and founder, Trent Reznor, has been in the news in recent years publicizing his alternative music distribution concepts, and has been an outspoken critic of the commercial music industry.

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the band musically, but I always appreciate reading Trent's commentary on the music busniess and his forecast for where he thinks things are headed. Some articles of note:

His Advice to Independent Artists trying to find their Audience
Reznor Slams Labels for State of Industry (Rolling Stone)
Reznor talks about the Price of Albums

NIN will be having a last hoorah in New York this week, with sold out shows around the city.

Next up is Terminal 5, tonight and tomorrow. Don't even think about finding any extra tickets.

1000 Brown M&M's

Ever wonder what your favorite stars ask for in their dressing room?

TheSmokingGun.Com has a great archive of musicians backstage requirements. T-Pain likes 2 bottles of Patron, Jay-Z needs a Maybach Benz, and Lady Gaga always has to have some deli meats sans "sweaty cheese".

Click HERE to view the archive

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Music: Hudson Mohawke

The new ill hip hop isn't straight outta Compton, it's straight out of Scotland.

Hudson Mohawke, aka Hud Mo, is a young up-and-coming producer set to release his first EP, entitled "Butter", in late 2009. Hud Mo started out as a young DJ in Scotland and, in 2007, was spotted by the folks at Warp and signed on to release an album of original music.

The tracks sound Dirty. Heavy. With incredibly deep pocket beats and glitchy blippy and beeps that are sure to make your head bounce.

check out the myspace HERE

release info and dates HERE

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The faster chickin picker in the west!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

R.I.P. Les Paul

Les passed away today.

from the New York Times...

"Les Paul, the virtuoso guitarist and inventor whose solid-body electric guitar and recording studio innovations changed the course of 20th-century popular music, died Thursday in White Plains, N.Y. . He was 94.

The cause was complications of pneumonia, the Gibson Guitar Corporation and his family announced. .

Mr. Paul was a remarkable musician as well as a tireless tinkerer. He played guitar alongside leading prewar jazz and pop musicians from Louis Armstrong to Bing Crosby. In the 1930s he began experimenting with guitar amplification, and by 1941 he had built what was probably the first solid-body electric guitar, although there are other claimants. With his guitar and the vocals of his wife, Mary Ford, he used overdubbing, multitrack recording and new electronic effects to create a string of hits in the 1950s."


MySpace Stumble: "Free the Robots"

I often find myself wandering around myspace, linking to "Top Friends" or bands that comment. Most of the time, you get some run-of-the-mill, lo-fi, bedroom demo bands; but every once in a while, you stumble on something awesome. Thus the name of this post, of which I plan on doing more of, is "MySpace Stumble".

This week, while looking through the pals of Flying Lotus (who happens to be playing Terminal 5 in a few weeks, whoop whoop) I saw an ominous picture of a Fedora-Clad Skull, with the words "Free the Robots". I clicked the link and, as a result, went through each and every song on the player of beat-mangler Chris Alfara a.k.a. "Free the Robots".

It's hard to find any hard copy releases of his stuff anywhere, but from reading the details on his myspace, he is in the process of recording his first full-length. With just over 1 million plays and no full length out, the dude is obviously getting around the airwaves.

There is an EP that is available for download, that you can get by clicking HERE or find it on iTunes.

My favorite track so far: On the myspace player called "Mad Different Methods", with some hilarious Method Man samples that makes me yearn for a seat on the couch.

dig it on myspace HERE