Sunday, April 26, 2009

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger FAN VIDEO

One of the best fan videos i've ever seen. There's kind of a long intro, but it's so worth the wait.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Free Pretty Lights

More free music for ya'll today, this time from Electro Remixer "Pretty Lights". In a lovely act of kindness Mr. Pretty Lights has released his newest release to the public free of charge. (an apt move on his part so he doesn't have to clear the boatload of vintage samples heard on the album)

Pretty Lights makes glitched out dance party music with heavy kick drums and stuttering vocals; a sound that brings the energy of Daft Punk with the technical skills of a nerdy laptop muscian. Although teetering on the brink of "frat boy techno", the music manages to stay in the realm of cool with decisive sample choice and heavy but careful processing.

I came across his tunes when he opened for Jam/Electronic juggernauts Sound Tribe Sector Nine at Bowery Ballroom a couple months back. From beginning to end, the dude had the whole audience bouncing along with the club friendly beats. All that was onstage was the man himself, dressed in fitting white-boy-urban-cool threads and a box with tons of little red lights. Pretty Lights performs with a laptop and a monome, a grid of midi assignable LED buttons (perhaps this is partly the reason for his namesake.) This device lets him control sample playback via Ableton Live (i'm assuming) along with a host of other effects he drops in and out.

There's plenty of music to go around, with three discs worth of tunes available for free download via his website.

Click HERE to download disc one of "Filling up the Skies"

Disk two is right HERE

and click HERE to download "Taking up your Precious Time"

To get a better idea of how Pretty Lights brings the tunes to life live, check out the video below.

For more, visit him on myspace @

Auto-Tune the News

No words needed for this. It is straight up hilarious. Wish I had thought of it first.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Melodyne DNA Tech revealed

This is BIG news. Really Big news. People have been theorizing about this type of technology for years. Some thought it was impossible. If digital music technology has taught us anything, it is that our only limit is our imagination, and this new release from Melodyne proves that point exactly.

Melodyne's DNA (short for Direct Note Access) plug-in will allow users to take a polyphonic audio file (more than one note being played at once), and separate out the notes so that they can be individually tuned, changed, effected, and moved. This works on a single audio file, not isolated instrument stems (that would be easy!). The software breaks up your single audio file into all the notes that sound, and displays those notes in a graphical editor that subsequently uses Melodyne tuning software to make edits.

So what does that all mean? It means that say you record a guitar player. He plays big lush chords but you realize after the fact that his G string was out of tune. DNA will allow you to tune his G string, whilst leaving the rest of the notes unaffected. So essentially, there's no need to tune up anymore. Just record right away, and tune your guitar after the fact.

Another example? Say you've got a recording of an a capella group, and one singer has the most annoying voice you've ever heard. No problem. Melodyne's DNA will allow you to mute every note that person sings, leaving you with only the good singers.

Take a look at the video below, and be prepared for this plug-in to kill all forms of musicianship that are left in pop music. On the other hand, be prepared for some forward thinking producers and musicians to use this plug-in to create music you never even dreamed of.

If you can't tell, I'm peeing my pants with excitement over this.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

a free dub-sack? tell me more good sir......

Dirty Drummer is celebrating 4/20 in style, passing out free dubsacks to the beat-bumping public. You won't need to haggle with sketcky rastas in the village for these bea(s)ters.

"Dirty's Mobile DubSack" is a mix of grimey dub beats that is free for download via Wax Poetics for a limited time. What "sparked" this random act of kindness? The Dirty himself will be dropping a re-release, dubbed "Dirty's Mobile Beat Shack", on Ropeadope Digital Records on Four Twenty.

So, tired of reading already? Break out the zig-zags, open a window, and click the link, HERE, to get started.

Feel like a dub just ain't enough? Ok Ok, he'll throw in some more if you click HERE.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brainfeeder Podcast: Vol. 1

Get ready for some incredibly spacey and atmospheric beats from Flying Lotus and his crew...

"So, Here’s the first of many to come…
This mix was put together by Ras_G, SAMIYAM and myself. Some time last year. We originally gave these out on CD at the Brainfeeder event in LA, but here it is, just for you."

Click HERE to download

For more podcasts and other Brainfeeder news, check out the blog HERE.

Classic Video: NIN "Closer"

I think this video may have been one of the first music videos that ever gave me chills. I remember sitting on my couch as a kid at 12am watching MTV and thinking, what the hell is wrong with this guy????

A seriously twisted piece of mini-cinema to darken up your Sunday. Not for the faint of heart, and in most cases not safe for work, unless you work at a slaughter house.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cop KNXWL3DG3: The Illest Podcast

Dublab just posted a phenomenal podcast from Philly hip-hopper Knowledge (spelled "KNXWL3DG") The set brings to mind hints of Flying Lotus, Pete Rock, and the late J. Dilla. All in all, some really ill beats that need to be spun ASAP.

Stream the podcast HERE or you can download the thing for your iPod right over.....HERE

knXwl3dG3 on myspace

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free music from Akudama: Arctic Jog

Yesterday, Brooklyn indie-rockers and guava eaters "Akudama" released 2 tracks for free as part of their monthly Free-EP campaign. In the coming months, the band plans to release a couple songs each month for free, then when the month has passed, put them up on to iTunes. This month, an intensely dance-able tune, "Arctic Jog" along with a Fatty Acid remix of the tune.

You can download them both for free by clicking HERE. Grab em now while they're still free.

For more, visit the newly-renovated website over @

Or, if myspace is your thing, check them out right over HERE