Monday, June 29, 2009

I'll Be There

say what you will about his nose and chin, but the dude could sing.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Imogen Heap is coming

Imogen Heap (aka Frou Frou) is finally done with her record. After 2 years of listening to "mmmmmm what cha say" over and over again, there's finally something new to dig your teeth into.

I had always wondered how involved she was in the production process, and judging by this video she's no stranger to ProTools.

Here she is, in a delightfully wacky outfit, talking about the creative process that went into the new album.

also, this live performance of "Just for Now" is friggin stunning, click HERE

Friday, June 12, 2009

Warp Records celebrates 20 years

This year, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Warp Records, in my opinion the greatest and most influential record label today. They broke artists like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Autechre, Boards of Canada, and Battles. In celebration of 20 years, Warp has put together a special box set.

This thing is quite a collection. New Music, Old Music, remixes, Vinyl; it's got everything! For the somewhat reasonable price of 150 bones, here's what you can expect:

Warp20 (1989-2009) The Complete Catalogue: 192 page book
10” square, 192 page full-colour, perfect-bound book. The complete-ist’s dream – a catalogue of artwork of every Warp release from its inception in 1989 to August 2009. Includes artwork from over 400 sleeves including work by the Designers Republic, Julian House, Build, Universal Everything and Kim Hiorthøy amongst others. Foreword by Warp co-founder Steve Beckett. Black un-coated board cover with debossed and foiled typography.

Warp20 (Chosen): Double CD album
The definitive best of Warp on 2 x CDs. Ten songs chosen by you (, ten songs chosen by Warp co-founder Steve Beckett. Packaged in deluxe case-bound 10” folder, exclusive to this box set. Your personal messages and memories from featured on pullout poster.

Warp20 (Recreated): Double CD album
2 x CDs featuring twenty brand new cover versions of Warp songs by Warp artists past and present; including tracks by Autechre, Harmonic 313, Jamie Lidell, Plaid, Clark, Maximo Park, Leila, Seefeel, Luke Vibert and more… Packaged in deluxe case-bound 10” folder exclusive to this box set.

Warp20 (Unheard): Triple 10” Vinyl
Secret treasures newly rediscovered from the Warp vaults. Unheard and rare tracks by Boards of Canada, Autechre, Broadcast, Elecktroids and others cut to 3 x 10” vinyl. Housed in uncoated card sleeves with debossed typography. Vinyl exclusive to Warp20 (Box Set).

Warp20 (Elemental): CD album
Specially-commissioned hour long piece by re-edit master Osymyso, made from sections, samples, and fragments of Warp music from the last 20 years. Exclusive to Warp20 (Box Set) and packaged in deluxe case bound 10” folder.

Warp20 (Infinite): Double 10” Vinyl
2 x 10” vinyl cuts of hand-picked locked-groove loops from Warp tracks. Four sides of loops for mixing fun. Exclusive to Warp20 (Box Set) and housed in uncoated card sleeves with debossed covers.

I know i'm ordering one. You can too, by clicking HERE.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mountains: Towers of Ambience

You know when someone gives you a CD and you don't listen to it for a month or two? I love that. It's like finding this little diamond in your bedroom that up until that point, you thought might have been a lump of coal.

Such is the case with the album "Choral" from ambient Duo Mountains. I was working with one of the members of few months back at a Sound Studio in Times Square. As I left work one day he passsed along a copy of his then new CD "Choral". It got a nice spot in my CD rack at home, but for some reason, never made it into the player.

After a good long while of being wedged in between Matmos "The West" and Squarepusher's "Just a Souvenir", "Choral" made it out of the rack and into the CD player. How silly I feel now knowing that this beautiful album of soundscapes escaped me for so long.

Each track builds its textures and moods at a snail's pace, like a budding flower slowly reaching towards the sky. The sonic palettes are compromised of, as the liner notes state: Guitar, Harmonica, Melodica, Accordian, Cello, Piano, Organ, Voice, Synth, Field Recordings, etc. all played by 2 people: Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp (I think I bought something at IKEA named that..)

All in all, the album is a beautiful collection of lush ambient songs, perfect for spacing out late at night, or some deep meditation.

Mountains was kind enough to post an Mp3 for free download, which you can get by clicking right HERE.

Visit the Myspace HERE

Cop the album in its entirety HERE

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SealCast Vol. 1

My man DeadGeoff just posted his first installment of "The SealCast". A slinky mix of Fuzzy Hip-Hop, Techno, Dance, Drum and Bass, Glitch, and all the weird noisy shit in between.

Like a good coaster at Six-Flags, this jawn is NFTFOH (not for the faint of heart)

click HERE to download

hardlink HERE

expect another post when Vol. 2 dropz

Free Cougar

I can't say enough good thangs about these dudes. The music is fresh, like fresher than a spicy italian footlong at Subway, dig?

In preparation for the late summer release of their new album "Patriot", Cougar is giving away a free mp3 of the first track "Stay Famous". Expect roaring guitar textures draped over driving heavy drums, with a fat fat bass line to boot.

Click HERE to download. Go on, it's mutha effin FREEEEEEEEE.

Video Game Music: Amon Tobin and Infamous

A very interesting and inspiring video detailing the creation of the music for the new PS3 game "Infamous".

The game company enlisted Amon Tobin, among other composers and sound designers, to write the score for the immersive shoot-em-up. The recording techniques are quite reminiscent of Tobin's album "Foley Room", where the break-beat producer took foleyed real world sounds and built musical songs around them.

I can't claim to be all that much of a video game buff, but I would consider playing this thing just for the soundtrack. Judging by the sounds they explore in the video, it's going to Dee Oh Pee Eeee.

For more about Amon Tobin's "Foley Room", there's a two part mini-doc about how he went about making it.

Part One
Part Two

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guitar Affair: The NetFlix of Gitbox Rental

Ever wanted to rock out on a Custom Re-Issue Les Paul on your vacation in Cali, but don't feel like lugging your sweet gear around the airport?

How about trying out a Vintage Strat in the comfort of your own home, without the drowning tones of Guitar Center clouding your discerning ears?

Enter, Guitar Affair. This new instrument rental service offers high-end guitar rentals, delivered to your door, hotel room, or vacation spot anywhere in the world. You can choose from a huge variety of seriously sweet axes. Guitars also ship to you with headphone amps, cables, and even instructional videos if you like. When you're done ripping the jams, just toss (not literally) it back into the case it came in, put the prepaid mailing sticker on, and you're good to go.

If you end up growing attached to the instrument you're auditioning, you can eventually purchase it from Guitar Affair. (although seeing some of the price tags may make you think twice)

Browse the catalog HERE

Learn more about how it works HERE

Monday, June 8, 2009

Classic Video: Jaco plays Tracy

Jaco Pastorius plays "Portraits of Tracy"

Who's Got my Super-Heady-Jam-Tronica...for FREE?

Right ovah here bra! Papadosio is Ohio's answer to the newly emerging Jam-Tronica scene (is that what they're calling it, or did I make that up?) Taking the lead from bands like Disco Biscuits, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, and Eoto, Papadosio blends ripping synth arrpegiations, tight crisp drums, and....of course.....super heady guitar solos.

In the spirit of all things Jam, Papadosio is giving away their new E.P. "By the Light of the Stars" for FREEEEEEEE! (WEEEEEEEEE!) So go ahead CLICK HERE and download the thing, there's no reason not to.

They're doing the festival thing this summer, and chances are they're playing a CrunchFest near you. So go on, Pop a Dose Yo!



Free Erlend Oye from Dublab

Some may know him from the Normwegian Folk duo, Kings Of Convenience. Others, perhaps heard his vocals grace the dance-able club bangers of Röyksopp and The Whitest Boy Alive. Whatever the setting Erlend Oye's voice sounds pure, moving, and undeniable. The first time I heard his song "Misread", I was hooked.

The kind folks at have recorded a solo concert of Erlend at their studios in L.A., and posted it for free download for us mere mortals. The set in question is Erlend and an acoustic guitar, doin it solo, and kicks off with the mellowest Purple Rain i've ever heard. Grab it down, slap it on the ole' iPod, and enjoy a day outside with Mr. Oye singing the soundtrack.




Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Focus Group - Reflected Message

put down the phone for a second, open a window, and space out....

Auto-Tune and You

Ever wonder why T-Pain sounds like a robot? (I don't think it's the Nuvo...) Every wonder why untalented bimbos somehow manage to sing perfectly in tune?

It's called Auto-Tune, and whether you know it or not, I'm almost positive you've heard in some form or another. Perhaps it's the drastic "T-Pain" effect that graces the chorus of most contemporary popular hip hop, or maybe the (not always so) subtle tuning of a bubblegum pop star's verse.

Although artistically it has somewhat ominous implications, the technology of it is fascinating. It continues to shape the way performers think of recording vocals, and the expectations of those who listen.

PBS has a nice radio-style webisode interviewing the creator of the Antares Auto-Tune software, Andy Hildebrand. It's AutoTune for dummies, and if you haven't looked a little deeper into how the software does what it does, you gotta check it out.

CLICK HERE to load the PBS show.

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get LOVE from akudama...on their dime

More free indie rock fer yer earbuds. This month, Akudama hits us with a track off of their Johnny Appleseed E.P. called "Love". Along with it, a bouncy club banger entitled "Wilted Flower" from aku-side-project Neon Glitter Bliss.

Follow the links for some free downloads. They've also put the recording stems up for download, in hopes of some rocking remixes coming their way. If they get some they like, it will be included in future free E.P. releases. And next time you're in NYC on a Saturday, stop by Spike Hill Music Club in Williamsburg: There's a 85% chance they're playing a show, and a 95% chance guitar player Calvin Pia will be there eating a burger with avocado.



Past Free Releases:
The Arctic Jog E.P.
Fireflies E.P.

Akudama playing "Love" with Daddy Pia @ Spike Hill

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Phish Still Rocks

I know what you're thinking. Isn't everyone over Phish already? Aren't they soooo 5 years ago? Jon, you're just a stupid hippie. Maybe, Maybe not. They did manage to sell out every single show on their tour this summer, and 2 nights ago at Jones Beach, they rocked the effing house.

Yes there were bro's high fiving during guitar solos, yes it was hard to breathe because of the patchouli/ganja combo floating through the air, and yes, perhaps the lyrics to their songs are somewhat "cheesy". With all the stigma draped conspicuously over our eyes, Trey, Mike, Fish, and Page played a surprisingly tight-as-hell set.

Highlights included a drawn out "Reba" jam, and a super-heady "Harry Hood" that sent chills up and down my spine (Yes, it was Trey induced goosebumps, now known as Troosebumps). The ease with which the band jumped from Funk to Blues to Rock and back convinced me once again that Phish is one of the greatest and most talented bands playing today.

At the risk of sounding completely lame: seeing the crowd and vibes being passed around at the show almost made we want to put my tie dye back on and hit the road this summmer...almost..

All in all: The jams were heady, the crowd was crunchy, and the pretzels were $8. It was a complete pleasure seeing the band again after all these years, and I hope I can sneak my way into another one in the very near future.

They play 2 more shows @ "the beach", then head off around the country for the beef of their tour.



more phish stuff HERE

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Breakfast @ Sulimay's: Old People Listen to Music too!

Ok, so maybe i'm the 1 frillionth blog to feature these webisodes, but fuck it, this stuff is straight up hilarious, and I HAVE to share it.

The concept is simple. Go to a rural diner in (almost) middle America, pass around an iPod with "hip" music on it, then film the reactions. The director has honed in on 3 painfully normal people, all 50+, who have probably never heard of the word hipster, think Vampire Weekend is when Halloween falls on a Saturday, and think Animal Collective is some kind of pet cemetery.

This one hits close to home, as these reactions are almost identical to the ones I got from my grandparents when I gave them a copy of my album.

Interestingly enough, the reviews are somewhat refreshing. There's no high-brow blogger bullshit clouding the integrity of the review. They're not concerned with image, myspace playlist counts, or how "undiscovered" someone is. And although most of the bands get panned, there are some surpisingly positive reviews along the way (the lady in the middle LOVED Young Jeezy).

So here it is, in all it's glory: Breakfast at Sulimay's. The episode below takes a crack at describing Young Jeezy and Animal Collective.


p.s. Thin Mints are the best!