Friday, January 29, 2010

and now ladies and gentlemen....the biggest waste of time AND money....EVER!

LIVE hip hop: araabMUZIK

it's no longer enough for dj's to just mix the one's and two's. these days, cats are going to the next level with their gear. anyone who goes up on stage with an ipod is just plain lazy (sorry but that's just the way it is). with the evolution of MIDI controllers and performance software, new kinds of live music are coming to the stage that are a direct result of technology moving forward.

for such a long time, i wrote off the idea of live hip hop because to me, it wasn't really live. some dj spinning a record and scratching a wicky wicky every once in a while just doesn't do it for me. the roots were doing their thing, but i wanted more.....

recently i've been seeing live hip hop in a new light. seeing performances by Flying Lotus and Saturn Never Sleeps (King Britt + Ras_G edition) showed me there are some dudes who can construct this stuff on the spot.

this guy, araabMUZIK handles the mpc better than anyone i've seen. imagine this dude with an MC? now that's live hip hop.

araabMUZIK Live MPC Set Part 1 from Death by Electric Shock on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new featured artist: mndsgn

on your right, you'll see a music player labeled "featured artist". this is something i started adding to the page once i saw how great the embedable player on was.

this week we've got a dude by the name of mndsgn. met this dude at a show last week when his buddy knxwledge was closing out the night. some real good chill out hip hop with a little bit of that lo-fi l.a. sound to it.

check out the rest of the crew HERE, @ klipmode


<a href="">hellogalaxy(intro) by mndsgn</a>

Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Music: Purple Bird Music

this one comes straight from my man DeadGeoff, resident beat-mangler at Purple Bird Music:

The indie label has just put out 4 fresh EP's worth of original glitchy hip hop for free download. With over 1500 downloads and counting, the tracks are making it around to say the least. As with any good delivery to your door, there's a couple strains to choose from. The 1st is "Natural Ingredients". Serious High-Octane hip hop with some damn good beats. Then you've got a Dead Geoff and Mister Thumbs collaboration, "The Opposables", with the gem "renoise". It's a crazy genre mashup with some heart felt lyrics from a true gear junkie. This track might be my favorite of the whole lot, with a close second going to Chi'Akai's "Neel". Being an instrumental man myself, I'm listening to Chi'Akai the most, but that doesn't mean the others are lacking. See for youself....

Renoise by purplebirdmusic

We're still waiting on the last of the 4 new ones, coming from Mister Thumbs solo. Expect that to be hitting the sound cloud soon. Until then, rock out to these, and do youself a favor and download them all right over HERE.

Sake Tsunami by purplebirdmusic

Vilify by purplebirdmusic

re-post: Kitchen Diaries

i posted this a whiiiiiile back, but its just so damn amazing, i'm putting it up again. maybe it'll be a biannual post or something.

"The Electro-Funk-Daddy-SuperStar Break"


so i am incredibly pumped about apple's tablet, which they are suppossed to reveal in 2 days. so many possibilities, especially with music oriented apps and new ways to listen to your music. (when you've got an iPod with a 10 inch screen, accelerometers, super fast processor, and built in microphone and speakers, there's a lot to work with)

cruising around the rumor mill lead me to an article about the iPhone's super intuitive user interface and how game changing it really was. that sentiment is proved by this video where a 1 year old boy navigates through his parents iPhone with ease. Can you imagine a Toddler starting up Windows Vista. hehe that would be entertaining. enjoy...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the building blocks of dubstep

a track in 2 hours?

glasslands: one down, one to go

oh man last saturday was a night. a niiiiiiiiiight! me and my dudes, aka fatty acid, played alongside TOKiMONSTA, BREAK SCIENCE, and KNXWLEDGE (tunes on the right) @ the glasslands in brooklyn. and although the sound system was ghetto, and the quarters were tight, the vibe was amongst the best i've experienced in a long time.

TOKiMONSTA sound was so intense. Like all the glasses shattered every time a kick drum hit. so good to see a female making a name for herself in the scene. (i can only really think of one other that's doin it, out of like 1,000) BREAK SCIENCE brought the ILL dubstep and KNXWLEDGE slayed with his lo-fi illadelph beats. we got some video and a lot of audio from the show, and i'll be throwing that up here as soon as i can.

(break science going in and out of "lightworks")

so...if you missed it, well there's a chance to be redeemed. fatty acid is heading back to glasslands on february 11th, when we'll be rocking the stage with ELIJAH B TORN (8bit lucid-core glitch pop) and the improvisational electro-pop sensation HANS BLIX. we're gunna be putting together some fresh covers and maybe even add another original tune into the mix.

in other, somewhat more embarrassing, news: you can now follow us on twitter @fattyacidmusic. see you there

Friday, January 8, 2010

Free Music from my Favorite Band

Not sure why I didn't post this ages ago...

When electro-headbangers Cougar released their new album Patriot on NinjaTune a few months back, they coupled the release with a free download of a collaboration with Maximo Park singer Paul Smith. Here it is. You can download for free by clicking the link.


<a href="">Digit Cleaver feat. Paul Smith by Cougar</a>