Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Social Music Networks: Imeem.com

I found out about a new social network centered around music whilst searching for songs by one of my favs, Marco Benevento. I stumbled upon his imeem account and gave it a listen.

Imeem is is the same vein as myspace, with a few perks. First off, you can upload as many songs as you want. This means streaming entire albums if the band so chooses. Members can display their own music, as well as customizable playlists of other tunes uploaded to the Imeem database. Users can also upload and display videos on their profiles, blog, post pictures, and host groups.

Imeem beats myspace in my book for a few reasons. First off, their is no upload limit. This means more music. The site is also a bit slicker in appearance (it has pages that are editable like a blog) and thus feels more fluid. The media player sounds, looks, and operates better than the myspace version.

The user base is obviously much smaller, because of its age, but I can see this changing soon. As of now, their are no annoying ads displayed on music pages (although it looks as though that will change simply by noting the vacant space at the the top of every page).

I've already almost my entire album, Sound about Sound here; plus a video. Stop by and make a post if you dare.

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