Saturday, April 25, 2009

Free Pretty Lights

More free music for ya'll today, this time from Electro Remixer "Pretty Lights". In a lovely act of kindness Mr. Pretty Lights has released his newest release to the public free of charge. (an apt move on his part so he doesn't have to clear the boatload of vintage samples heard on the album)

Pretty Lights makes glitched out dance party music with heavy kick drums and stuttering vocals; a sound that brings the energy of Daft Punk with the technical skills of a nerdy laptop muscian. Although teetering on the brink of "frat boy techno", the music manages to stay in the realm of cool with decisive sample choice and heavy but careful processing.

I came across his tunes when he opened for Jam/Electronic juggernauts Sound Tribe Sector Nine at Bowery Ballroom a couple months back. From beginning to end, the dude had the whole audience bouncing along with the club friendly beats. All that was onstage was the man himself, dressed in fitting white-boy-urban-cool threads and a box with tons of little red lights. Pretty Lights performs with a laptop and a monome, a grid of midi assignable LED buttons (perhaps this is partly the reason for his namesake.) This device lets him control sample playback via Ableton Live (i'm assuming) along with a host of other effects he drops in and out.

There's plenty of music to go around, with three discs worth of tunes available for free download via his website.

Click HERE to download disc one of "Filling up the Skies"

Disk two is right HERE

and click HERE to download "Taking up your Precious Time"

To get a better idea of how Pretty Lights brings the tunes to life live, check out the video below.

For more, visit him on myspace @

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DiBo said...

What is that thing? I want one, what with all the pretty lights and such... Great tunes too!

I caught the same tour with Prefuse73 as the opener (really good!), although I was a bit disappointed with STS9's performance - so much so that I wrote a blog about it today... funny timing, eh?