Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Music: Shlohmo

Get on this quick.

Shlohmo is a 19 year-old beat smith from L.A. proper that knows how to set the mood. His latest EP, "Shlo-fi", dims the musical lights and takes the listener on a meditative and spacious journey through the abstract tunnel of "beat music". The EP is in effect instrumental music, with some spoken word samples that serve more as texture than a listening focus. The beats themselves are freeform and organic, with haunting repetitive phrases that swing back and forth like the timepiece of a hypnotist.

If a comparison had to be made, you might want to lump this guy in with the crew over at Brainfeeder, but his music also has the aesthetic of an individual, existing just as comfortably in simple folk guitar patterns as it does the "stink-face head knod". In short, its some damn good Couch Music, perfect for late-night listening after the after-party or perhaps pumping through some big big headphones on a redeye from Cali to NYC.

Download Shlohmo's EP "Shlo-fi", from the label Error Broadcast, right HERE (Mp3's) or HERE (lossless FLAC)

check out the myspace HERE

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