Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Playlist

Lots of new tunes for free download out there. 2 that have been gracing my iPod a lot.....

First on my list is a dude calling himself "The Charlie Ross Project".

He's a producer/MC from the D.C. area who recorded the project in question in '07, but it didn't see the light of day until now, as a free download. The beats are simple, dilla-like, sample based grooves and the rhymes are intelligent. Literally every song on this EP is quality. My favorite is "Love and Change" where Ross spits the line:

"Homie please believe,
I've got some bangers on my hard drive that need to breathe,
I've seen ya studio fees,
(what?) Dog please,
Bang straight out my crib,
so I can keep my cheese."

That line pretty much sums up where the good hip hop is at these days. Dudes in their basement, cranking out beats and recording vocals on a cheap mic.

download the free EP right HERE

The next is a beatsmith named Devonwho, whose free EP Waves has been steadily felting my mace the past few days. Its instrumental glitch-hop with the L.A. sound. Its wacky, weird, and noisy.

download it right HERE

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