Thursday, February 18, 2010

my playlist: Mike Slott

so i've had a $25 iTunes giftcard sitting in my wallet since christmas. it's one of those things you just put in and forget about, and then get a pleasant surprise when you're sorting through your receipts. needless to say I cashed it in straight away yesterday when it was found, adding some very good tunes to my library, including the new Four Tet, some FlyLo remixes, and a "micro full-length" from a newbie (at least on my radar), Mike Slott called Lucky 9Teen.

I've seen this dude's name being kicked around on blogs. He did a great remix for Flying Lotus on the L.A. EP 2x3, has done some stuff with Hudson Mohawke under the name "Heralds of Change", and has been sending out podcasts via LowEndTheory.

His sound is rooted in the ambient wonk-hop stylings of Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke (in fact, if you compare Lucky9Teen to Hudmo's "Butter", you can hear them using a lot of the same gear and production techniques). Lucky 9Teen, however, seems much more "together" than Hudson Mohawke's most recent release. The album flows very well start to finish, with a lot of different textures making an appearance.

I'm not exactly sure where he's from, but the pictures on his MySpace page hint at the big NYC, which gives me a mild amount of pride. He seems to be the first NYer that has made a dent on this particular scene, and raises hopes that people will start looking to our lovely city for more of this kind of music.

Wanna check it before you cop it? Say no more.......

download a podcast from Nobody & Mike Slott via lowendtheory

download Mike Slott's "Home" via universoulproductions

or check out the MySpace HERE


download Lucky 9Teen

on iTunes HERE

or...does anyone use eMusic?

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