Friday, March 13, 2009

Fatty Acid Out Now

Well, it's been a while since I shamelessly promoted myself, so here goes...

Fatty Acid's debut album was just released Monday by Ropeadope Digital Records. Below I've posted some links to reviews, free downloads, videos, and the rest.

Since this is a personal note, I'll take a hot second to thank all the people that played on the album. Alex Beckmann of MEM, Brian Scherman of HANS BLIX, Ali of HERSELF, Jay Goodman of AKUDAMA, Luke Smith, and Eli Silverman. These people rock, and if you like what they do on the album, make sure go check out their other projects. (I promise they are equally rockin)

So, here's how it all happened:

I've been making electronic music for the past 5 years (although it seems much longer than that). Ever since I got a midi keyboard in high school, I've been experimenting with sounds and sampling. As I got more gear, I started to get more serious about the tunes I was creating. The turning point was living in a house in Brooklyn with (what seemed like) 20 other musicians, always willing to ad their "Midas" touch. In the basement, we had a ProTools rig set up with mics going to a drum kit, guitar amps, bass amps, synths, and other toys. This gave me the freedom to record any time, day or night (much to the dismay of our elderly Italian neighbors). Once the tools were in front of me, it was only a matter of time before the songs started to stream out. I'd lay down a guitar line, then Alex would come home and bang out some drum breaks, then Eli would wake up and pop downstairs to play some bass; it was great.

At the same time, I was getting really deep into electronic music like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and The Books, and the music started to reflect that. I was also taking classes in music technology, studying composers like Stockhausen and Babbitt, and their philosophy about sound and music was sinking in. I was really interested in taking production techniques those people had used and applying it to an "indie rock" sound. So once I had a couple takes of Beckmann ripping hot beats, I spent hours twisting and glitching the drums, trying to mimic some sonic qualities of break beat music, but with a modern drummer. I started applying those drum editing techniques to other instruments as well. Glitching out guitars as Squarepusher does to his drum breaks.

After countless nights editing and mixing until dawn, I had found the sound I was looking for, and Fatty Acid was born. About a year after that time, I had finished what sounded like a record, and got in touch with Ropeadope Digital to send the music out to the world. I had been listening to Ropeadope Artists since I was in high school. Seeing people like Medeski Martin and Wood, the Duo, and DJ Logic had shaped me into the musician I am today, and it felt great to get on the label that brought those people to the world.

And now we're here. 2,000 cups of coffee later, the record is released. The next task: Bring it to a live audience. (more to come on that very soon.)

So here are some links where you can check out the music, read reviews, watch videos, blah blah blah. Enjoy!

Cop the record Direct from Ropeadope HERE

Stream the whole album for free on Last.Fm HERE

Read a Review by DJ DiBo and download free b-sides from the album HERE

Go to the Official website HERE

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