Thursday, August 13, 2009

MySpace Stumble: "Free the Robots"

I often find myself wandering around myspace, linking to "Top Friends" or bands that comment. Most of the time, you get some run-of-the-mill, lo-fi, bedroom demo bands; but every once in a while, you stumble on something awesome. Thus the name of this post, of which I plan on doing more of, is "MySpace Stumble".

This week, while looking through the pals of Flying Lotus (who happens to be playing Terminal 5 in a few weeks, whoop whoop) I saw an ominous picture of a Fedora-Clad Skull, with the words "Free the Robots". I clicked the link and, as a result, went through each and every song on the player of beat-mangler Chris Alfara a.k.a. "Free the Robots".

It's hard to find any hard copy releases of his stuff anywhere, but from reading the details on his myspace, he is in the process of recording his first full-length. With just over 1 million plays and no full length out, the dude is obviously getting around the airwaves.

There is an EP that is available for download, that you can get by clicking HERE or find it on iTunes.

My favorite track so far: On the myspace player called "Mad Different Methods", with some hilarious Method Man samples that makes me yearn for a seat on the couch.

dig it on myspace HERE

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