Thursday, January 21, 2010

glasslands: one down, one to go

oh man last saturday was a night. a niiiiiiiiiight! me and my dudes, aka fatty acid, played alongside TOKiMONSTA, BREAK SCIENCE, and KNXWLEDGE (tunes on the right) @ the glasslands in brooklyn. and although the sound system was ghetto, and the quarters were tight, the vibe was amongst the best i've experienced in a long time.

TOKiMONSTA sound was so intense. Like all the glasses shattered every time a kick drum hit. so good to see a female making a name for herself in the scene. (i can only really think of one other that's doin it, out of like 1,000) BREAK SCIENCE brought the ILL dubstep and KNXWLEDGE slayed with his lo-fi illadelph beats. we got some video and a lot of audio from the show, and i'll be throwing that up here as soon as i can.

(break science going in and out of "lightworks")

so...if you missed it, well there's a chance to be redeemed. fatty acid is heading back to glasslands on february 11th, when we'll be rocking the stage with ELIJAH B TORN (8bit lucid-core glitch pop) and the improvisational electro-pop sensation HANS BLIX. we're gunna be putting together some fresh covers and maybe even add another original tune into the mix.

in other, somewhat more embarrassing, news: you can now follow us on twitter @fattyacidmusic. see you there

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