Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Music: Purple Bird Music

this one comes straight from my man DeadGeoff, resident beat-mangler at Purple Bird Music:

The indie label has just put out 4 fresh EP's worth of original glitchy hip hop for free download. With over 1500 downloads and counting, the tracks are making it around to say the least. As with any good delivery to your door, there's a couple strains to choose from. The 1st is "Natural Ingredients". Serious High-Octane hip hop with some damn good beats. Then you've got a Dead Geoff and Mister Thumbs collaboration, "The Opposables", with the gem "renoise". It's a crazy genre mashup with some heart felt lyrics from a true gear junkie. This track might be my favorite of the whole lot, with a close second going to Chi'Akai's "Neel". Being an instrumental man myself, I'm listening to Chi'Akai the most, but that doesn't mean the others are lacking. See for youself....

Renoise by purplebirdmusic

We're still waiting on the last of the 4 new ones, coming from Mister Thumbs solo. Expect that to be hitting the sound cloud soon. Until then, rock out to these, and do youself a favor and download them all right over HERE.

Sake Tsunami by purplebirdmusic

Vilify by purplebirdmusic

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