Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free Music: Akudama

In an effort to undermine everything the RIAA stands for, Akudama is giving away new free tracks every month this summer. Last time, we were hit hard with Arctic Jog, and the ubiquitous Fatty Acid remix.

This time around, a new tune called "Fireflies", which was tracked last year in a secluded Massachusetts barn. Complete with lush, heady string arrangements, I like to listen to this song with headphones on in New York City at night. It fools me into thinking i'm out in the country.

Track #2 is an oldie of theirs, something that was tracked long before the band was doing their almost-weekly show in Williamsburg. It's called "We have Stars" and it has the lovely (somehow nostalgia inducing) sound of a 90's digital multi-track recorder.

Hurry, there's only a few days left in May, after which these puppies make their way to the iTunes store.

Click HERE to go to the download page. C'mon, it's FREEEEEEEEE.

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