Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what's on my playlist

so it's been quite a while since a post. between working, writing new music, and assembling IKEA furniture, I haven't had a moment to blab to all you lovely people. In hopes that this initial effort will get me back in the swing of things, here's a list of stuff i'm currently listening to (some old, some new) with links so you can get down too.

This is one of my favorite new finds. I think it was Pandora that blessed me with his presence, while searching for music similar to "Flying Lotus". There I am, minding my own business, and on pops a song called Isis, a mangled, off-kilter, subsonic beat that fu*ked my mind so hard, I had to step out for a smoke when the track finally finished.

It's not hip hop, it's not typical electronica, it's not really break-beat, it's just Lukid. From last.fm, " Lukid is Luke Blair. He is from North London. He is not related to Tony Blair. Lukid makes music on his computer. So far he has released an album called ‘Onandon’, an EP called ‘The Now’, and another album called ‘Foma.’ These platters were released on a record label called ‘Werk Discs."

So, not that much bio info out there. All I know is he's a grad of an English Music Technology collegiate program, moved to London, and subsequently started cranking out absolutely ridiculous electronic music.

Get on this shit now, while he's still "underground", ur whatever.


OK, this music is not for the faint of heart. Hrvatski, otherwise known as Keith Fullerton Whitman, is a mad scientist of drum breaks and noise. Although much of the music he releases under his "christian" name might be called ambient or drone, Hrvatski slaps you across the face with abrasive distortions, warped melodies, and relentless drums.

Think Squarepusher's "Go Plastic" with a sense of humor. It's drum and bass for the ADD nation. And it's soo soo good. Wanna have nightmares tonight? just pop on THIS TRACK, and take some tylenol PM.

Hrvatski on LAST.FM
Keith's informative but incredible out of date website

thanks is due to my roomate Mike, who popped this stuff on one evening when my mind was capable of absorbing it.

This one is an oldie but a goodie. If you don't know who J Dilla is (aka Jay Dee) I don't know what to say. You should know, you need to know, you damn well ought to know. Often called "your favorite producer's favorite producer", the late, great J Dilla is known for his signature sound and undeniable groove with the MPC. His beats have backed every rapper worth talking about, and his tunes continue to inspire years after his death.

The reason I'm listening so much these days? One word, LIGHTWORKS! By far my favorite track off his album Donuts. It's featured as a beat on the new MF Doom album, but deserves to be heard sans MC.

Support good music, and the Lupas charity his album profits go towards and pick up the record.

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