Monday, June 1, 2009

Breakfast @ Sulimay's: Old People Listen to Music too!

Ok, so maybe i'm the 1 frillionth blog to feature these webisodes, but fuck it, this stuff is straight up hilarious, and I HAVE to share it.

The concept is simple. Go to a rural diner in (almost) middle America, pass around an iPod with "hip" music on it, then film the reactions. The director has honed in on 3 painfully normal people, all 50+, who have probably never heard of the word hipster, think Vampire Weekend is when Halloween falls on a Saturday, and think Animal Collective is some kind of pet cemetery.

This one hits close to home, as these reactions are almost identical to the ones I got from my grandparents when I gave them a copy of my album.

Interestingly enough, the reviews are somewhat refreshing. There's no high-brow blogger bullshit clouding the integrity of the review. They're not concerned with image, myspace playlist counts, or how "undiscovered" someone is. And although most of the bands get panned, there are some surpisingly positive reviews along the way (the lady in the middle LOVED Young Jeezy).

So here it is, in all it's glory: Breakfast at Sulimay's. The episode below takes a crack at describing Young Jeezy and Animal Collective.


p.s. Thin Mints are the best!

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