Saturday, June 6, 2009

Auto-Tune and You

Ever wonder why T-Pain sounds like a robot? (I don't think it's the Nuvo...) Every wonder why untalented bimbos somehow manage to sing perfectly in tune?

It's called Auto-Tune, and whether you know it or not, I'm almost positive you've heard in some form or another. Perhaps it's the drastic "T-Pain" effect that graces the chorus of most contemporary popular hip hop, or maybe the (not always so) subtle tuning of a bubblegum pop star's verse.

Although artistically it has somewhat ominous implications, the technology of it is fascinating. It continues to shape the way performers think of recording vocals, and the expectations of those who listen.

PBS has a nice radio-style webisode interviewing the creator of the Antares Auto-Tune software, Andy Hildebrand. It's AutoTune for dummies, and if you haven't looked a little deeper into how the software does what it does, you gotta check it out.

CLICK HERE to load the PBS show.

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