Thursday, June 4, 2009

Phish Still Rocks

I know what you're thinking. Isn't everyone over Phish already? Aren't they soooo 5 years ago? Jon, you're just a stupid hippie. Maybe, Maybe not. They did manage to sell out every single show on their tour this summer, and 2 nights ago at Jones Beach, they rocked the effing house.

Yes there were bro's high fiving during guitar solos, yes it was hard to breathe because of the patchouli/ganja combo floating through the air, and yes, perhaps the lyrics to their songs are somewhat "cheesy". With all the stigma draped conspicuously over our eyes, Trey, Mike, Fish, and Page played a surprisingly tight-as-hell set.

Highlights included a drawn out "Reba" jam, and a super-heady "Harry Hood" that sent chills up and down my spine (Yes, it was Trey induced goosebumps, now known as Troosebumps). The ease with which the band jumped from Funk to Blues to Rock and back convinced me once again that Phish is one of the greatest and most talented bands playing today.

At the risk of sounding completely lame: seeing the crowd and vibes being passed around at the show almost made we want to put my tie dye back on and hit the road this summmer...almost..

All in all: The jams were heady, the crowd was crunchy, and the pretzels were $8. It was a complete pleasure seeing the band again after all these years, and I hope I can sneak my way into another one in the very near future.

They play 2 more shows @ "the beach", then head off around the country for the beef of their tour.



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