Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Video Game Music: Amon Tobin and Infamous

A very interesting and inspiring video detailing the creation of the music for the new PS3 game "Infamous".

The game company enlisted Amon Tobin, among other composers and sound designers, to write the score for the immersive shoot-em-up. The recording techniques are quite reminiscent of Tobin's album "Foley Room", where the break-beat producer took foleyed real world sounds and built musical songs around them.

I can't claim to be all that much of a video game buff, but I would consider playing this thing just for the soundtrack. Judging by the sounds they explore in the video, it's going to Dee Oh Pee Eeee.

For more about Amon Tobin's "Foley Room", there's a two part mini-doc about how he went about making it.

Part One
Part Two

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Kiara said...

Same here, At times, I often play a Download Games/Video Games because those have a good soundtrack. I am kind of thrilled continuing the game just to listen for the whole sound. :)