Monday, May 21, 2007 is an excellent resource for public domain audio, video, and text. There are concerts, speeches, old newsreels, books and tons of other fun stuff. Typically you can download or stream the material in multiple formats. It is an excellent resource for musicians or filmmakers looking for media to sample.

I've been browsing the pages a lot recently. Here is a candid interview with Jerry Garcia. Here is what's considered THE archetypal sensationalized anti-drug movie. Here is a live concert of the Derek Trucks Band, in my opinion the best slide guitarist of all time, and he's only 28!

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thom de plume said...

I've been recommending this resource to students and colleagues for about a year now, and was wondering why it hasn't been more widely acknowledged.

The website features two of my favorite films:

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Horror Hotel