Thursday, May 24, 2007

Imogen Heap: Just for Now

I woke up this morning and my friend had sent me this link, Imogen Heap performing Just for Now a capella. I've only heard one of her songs, Hide and Seek before seeing this one. I was very impressed with her performance and thought I would share it. Although it's not electronic music, it is derivative of electronic media. As you'll see, she is acting as her own sound mixer as she loops and layers her voice. She brings tracks in and out as she sees fit while still managing to continue the song. On top of all the slick electronic manipulation, she has an incredibly pure voice, lovely to wake up to.

For me, I don't really listen to what she's saying; not to discredit her lyrics. It's just the sound of her voice that moves me. As we've talked about in class before, sometimes you want to talk to your loved ones just to hear their voice, not to hear what they have to say. If this video doesn't convince you of that, watch Hide and Seek. You'll understand.

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