Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Reactable: Communal Modular Synthesis

Below is a short documentary about the Reactable, an interactive multi-user synthesizer. Developed in Barcelona, the Reactable is a synthezier with a revolutionary interface that stumps the learning curve of modular synthesis. With it, multiple users can interact with each other on the same table combining and effecting each others sounds. Like JoJo Meyer, the Reactable gives new life to live electronic music. Whereas before performers might sit in front of a laptop or fiddle with knobs on huge modular synths, now we are seeing a new breed of electronic music performance, where the audience can litterly see the textures and sounds being created in a very accessible way. Very Exciting.

To see demos on how each aspect of the Reactable works, click the video screen and look at the related videos on YouTube.

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